Kenworth T660 vs. International Lonestar – Used Trucks Comparison

We have been scouting the Internet in order to find out what do experienced truck drivers think when it comes to comparing two popular truck models such as Kenworth T660 and International Lonestar.

In this particular case, truckers were comparing used models as follows:


(Note: The above image does not represent the compared model)

Kenworth T660

  • Year: 2011
  • Mileage: 253k miles
  • Engine: Cummins ISX15 485hp
  • Transmission: 10spd
  • Wheelbase: 232″
  • Sleeper: 72″ double bunk
  • Other:  Kenworth Diamond VIT interior package,  Factory Navigation, Thermo-King APU and Tri-Pac Unit
  • Asking price: not stated but it was $8k cheaper then the compared Lonestar

Lonestar International 2010

(Note: The above image does not represent the compared model)

International Lonestar

  • Year: 2010
  • Mileage: 267k miles
  • Engine: Cummins ISX 525hp
  • Transmission: 18spd
  • Wheelbase: 238″
  • Sleeper: 73″
  • Other:  Factory Navigation, Block heater, Electronic Vehicle, Monitoring System, P.T.O already mounted


  • Lonestar is a heavy truck when compared to T660. This might, however, be a good thing when driving in bad weather or strong wind.
  • Engine is difficult to access. It is set far in the back. Important for those who plan on working on it by themselves as servicing is not easy.
  • Intake pipes might come apart between the engine and the air cleaner. Therefore, engine gets dirty air. 
  • Air cleaners are expensive
  • Parts might be a problem
  • Looks better than Kenworth


  • Aero-efficient
  • More manuverable
  • Apparently, PACCAR is better quality
  • Parts available everywhere
  • Apparently, more comfortable than the Lonestar

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