Used Peterbilt 379 For Sale – Buyers Guide

Here is a little buyers guide for those looking to buy Used Peterbilt 379 truck for sale

So, you are looking for used Peterbilt 379 for sale, right? O.K. First of all, this is a good choice. There trucks are known to be reliable and are quite popular in the trucking community. However, do not fool yourself that there are no pitfalls on the way to buying one.

Used Peterbilt 379 For Sale

Used Peterbilt 379 For Sale

Just like any other truck, Peterbilt 379 , regardless to it’s “iconic” status has to be checked thoroughly regardless to what age is it or how many miles did it make. Of course, the newer it is, less reason to worry about. However, there are really good Pete’s 379 out there, which are not that young but have refurbished engine and if this is done properly by a good mechanic, even a ten year old 379 might perform like a youngster. Or, at least, almost like a youngster.

So, let’s start from the beginning.

Three major things to look at:

These three should be looked at as they are the most expensive when it comes to repair.

1. Engine
If the engine was rebuild don’t forget to take a good look at the paperwork for the rebuild. But, when it comes to papers, check on the history of on any major repairs and get a mechanic to check and verify it.

Did we say you need to have a good, reliable mechanic look at it?

2. Transmission
Ask if transmission was rebuilt or replaced and if not, were they serviced on a regular basis?

3. Rears
For the rears too, verify if they were rebuild or replaced. Ask for papers.

Here is what one of the truckers said on the topic:

“I would not buy it if there was a chance of having to start making major repairs such as the transmission or rears unless you can do the work
yourself. If the owner doesn’t have the paperwork on the engine and the overhaul was done at an authorized dealer you can take the serial number off the engine and they can tell you anything that has been done to the engine.”

We asked experienced truckers at the trucking forums and here is some more advices we got:

Most of the dealers will provide loads of information on any truck for the small fee. Truck can be placed on the set of rollers for the analysis of the entire suspension. Truck can also be put on diagnostics where computer will read the ECM diagnostics which will provide the information on what were the trucks specifications when it came out of the factory. Codes from this system will tell you will tell you what may be ailing or need.

In addition you need to find out if it was used to pull heavy loads.

So, it is extremely important to do your homework before buying a truck. As experienced truckers use to say: “Be willing to keep looking until you find the right truck or get ready to start wrenching”

4. Price

Used Peterbilt 379 can be found on various prices depending, of course, on the year, mileage, engine and condition. At EquipmentReady.Com if you go to the front page and enter the following in the search/browse form like this:

How To Find Peterbilt 379 On EquipmentReady.Com

How To Find Peterbilt 379 On EquipmentReady.Com

This will give you a list of 90+ used Peterbilt 379 Trucks For Sale. You can then easily sort by year, price, etc…

We hope this article gave you a better idea on what to pay attention to when buying an old, used Peterbilt 379. Of course, not much is different when buying just any other truck, but it is not all the same either. Other trucks might have problems unique to them, but for the old “Pete” we could not find anything specific.

Of course, if you have any other experience with Peterbilt 379 model, please leave a comment, it will be highly appreciated by the visitors who are looking to buy one.

Finally, as always, we prepared a little video on the latest used Peterbilt 379 for sale on EquipmentReady.Com so lay back, turn on the music and see what is offered.


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